Enhance Your Appearance And Oral Health With Dental Implants

Whether you’re missing one tooth or all of them, dental implants from Atlanta West Dentistry can help you have your smile back. We can even provide you will a full set of new teeth in just one visit!

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Atlanta West Dentistry in Marietta, GA offers a wide range of implants, which replace your missing teeth in order to:

  • Strengthen your ability to chew
  • Improve your appearance
  • Enhance your speech
  • Benefit your overall oral health, since missing teeth can lead to other dental issues

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Making Your Smile Look And Function Great With Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option if you’re missing teeth and want a new smile that looks, feels, and functions naturally. Implants won’t slip out of place, and they can be cared for like natural teeth – just brush and floss your new teeth!

Atlanta West Dentistry in Marietta, GA works with a skilled lab technician who will help you determine the perfect shape, fit, color, and general design of your new teeth. You can achieve a beautiful, realistic, and functional smile that you will feel great about.

Depending on your smile’s needs, we may recommend any of the following implant options:

  • Traditional Dental Implants
    Dental implants are prosthetic tooth roots (usually made of titanium) that are surgically placed into your jawbone. After a short healing period, the implant fuses with your jawbone to create a sturdy foundation for a dental crown or other dental prosthesis.
  • Mini Implants
    Mini implants are simply smaller implants that we can place if your jawbone isn’t strong enough to support traditional implants.
  • All-on-4® Implants
    This is a popular solution for those who need a full arch of replacement teeth, and it’s performed in one day! Using local anesthetic to fully numb your mouth, we will extract any teeth that need to be removed, strategically place four implants to provide the most support possible, and then attach your new teeth in just one visit.
  • All-on-6 Implants
    All-on-6 implants work just like All-on-4® implants except that six implants are used instead of four. We may recommend this technique if your mouth requires the extra stability.
  • Implant-Retained And Implant-Supported Dentures
    Implant-retained dentures are secured using dental implants with ball attachments. This design is great if you want dentures with the extra security of dental implants. Implant-supported dentures work much the same way as implant-retained dentures except that they use a bar to secure the denture.
  • TeethXpress®
    The TeethXpress® implant service at Atlanta West Dentistry in Marietta, GA allows you to have new teeth after just one visit! We’ll provide you with temporary replacements while your final restorations are being created.

Comfortably Receiving Your Dental Implants (Even In The Same Day!)

We will ensure the most comfortable experience possible while placing your dental implants. You can even sleep during the entire procedure by choosing our dental sedation options.

If you need a tooth or many teeth extracted to better benefit from implants, we can gently do so. We also offer bone grafts to create enough support for your implant placement.

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Video: Dr. Watson on Placing Dental Implants with 3D X-Rays at Atlanta West Dentistry

Using 3D X-Rays can make placing of dental implants easy and efficient. It is the standard in dentistry today as it can evaluate and virtually place an implant even before a patient can come to the office. Learn more about dental implants and how it can benefit you Call 770-744-4619 to schedule a visit at Atlanta West Dentistry in our Marietta, GA dental office. We will discuss and determine which dental implants are best for you. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: LIKE OUR FACEBOOK: