Dental Emergencies

Enjoy Great Smile Care at Our Marietta Dentist Office
- We offer same-day emergency appointments
- Take your choice of sedation to help you relax
- We’ll stop your pain and help preserve your smile

Receive Immediate Care For Your Marietta Dental Emergencies

Call (770) 941-6979 now to reach Atlanta West Dentistry for any Marietta dental emergencies. We will relieve your pain, save your smile, and soothe your nerves with dental sedation.

We do our best to see our emergency patients within 24 hours, and we are open until 7 p.m. on Wednesdays. If you catch us after hours, don’t panic – just call the number listed on our answering machine. We will advise you on what to do until you can get in to see one of our expert dentists.

Once you’re at our office, our team will:

  • Listen to your needs and concerns and answer any questions you have
  • Address your immediate dental concern and help you get out of pain
  • Make recommendations for any needed dental repair
  • Provide follow-up care to ensure you maintain a healthy smile

When your mouth is hurting, don’t keep suffering. Call us now at (770) 941-6979 to be seen as soon as possible. Our address is 1808 Powder Springs Road SW in Marietta.


Knowing What to Do in a Dental Crisis

A dental emergency occurs when you have sustained an injury or are in substantial pain. This includes broken teeth and the loss or loosening of a tooth. Also, if you have bleeding that isn’t critical but will not stop, please contact us immediately.

If you are experiencing one or more of the situations described above or need dental emergency care for another reason, follow these directions carefully, as it may mean the difference between the life or death of your tooth:

  1. If you are bleeding excessively or are involved in any other critical situation, please visit an emergency room immediately. Do not wait until your emergency dentist appointment.
  2. Call our office as soon as possible. We will work hard to see you right away.
  3. Stabilize the tooth. If your tooth has been knocked loose, gently push it back into place. Do not apply unnecessary pressure, as that may cause additional damage or pain.
  4. Do not touch the root of the tooth. If your tooth has been detached from your gums completely, be careful not to touch the root end of the tooth. We may be able to place the tooth back in your mouth if the roots are not damaged.
  5. Follow any instructions. When you talk to a member of our team, they will likely give you instructions on how to manage the situation until you see the doctor.

Call Atlanta West Dentistry now at (770) 941-6979 for fast and effective care for all your Marietta dental emergencies. We’ll provide instant pain relief and ensure you remain comfortable during your treatment! For non-emergency needs, you can use our online form to contact us.

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