Doing the wand, it was amazing. We don’t really like needles, so I would take the wand any day. They basically just put it on my tooth and it kind of numbed the area around. So without the poking and the wondering if you’re numb or not, you automatically knew that the area was numb and it was harmless.

The difference was that I noticed was my mouth wasn’t all numb. You know, normally when you get the shot, your mouth is big, it feels like your lip is big. But only that area was numb, so everything wasn’t numb. I feel like I could talk afterwards or I could eat something if I wanted to afterwards without drooling on myself.

They’re very knowledgeable about what they’re doing. They’re just not dentists to say that they’re dentists, but you can actually understand and they can explain to you why it’s necessary to do this or to do that. And then not only that, but they actually provide the tools too, if you need it for your mouth, like a gum massager or a Waterpik or electric toothbrush. You know, we like gifts.

Well, personally I’m a social worker. So I talk to people every day. I’m in court, I’m in people’s homes, talking in people’s faces, and we want to make sure that our hygiene, our oral hygiene is on point.