I’ve had trouble all my life, and at 19, I lost all of my upper teeth, and so I’ve had a denture all those years. It made me self conscious. When I first came to see Dr. Watson, it was for some work on the bottom, and he pretty much restored most of my bottom teeth, too. We got to talking, and talking about the fear of what I’ve had with the uppers, and all.

So, finally, we came to the conclusion, that for the age I am, and everything, it would be great, for me, to go ahead, and take the plunge, and so I actually have implants on the top, and bottom. The one I had used, prior to this one, he was just the general dentist, and all. He really would say, “Well, if you really want something different, you need to find somebody different, I’m just a general dentist.”

When I walked in here, like I said, it was totally different, totally different. The good thing with this place, too is they seem to know you. It doesn’t matter, which staff it is, they’ll know who you are, what your story is, and that’s a big difference.

I had not chewed gum, in gosh, 15, 20 years. That’s one of the things, a new pleasure that I have again. Then, again, the confidence of smiling, that my teeth don’t slip, or something like that, that I’d always feared.

When they would walk in, they would make sure that they felt at home, and then when they called you back, it would be just a soothing experience. Even having your teeth cleaned, they just make sure that you are comfortable, and that you are ready to go. Couldn’t ask for anything better in any dental practice. I think they’re the top-notch.