A Root Canal Can Quickly End Your Daily Discomfort

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, you may have an infected tooth. Atlanta West Dentistry can help with quick and painless root canals treatment! Marietta, GA dentist Dr. Cameron Baker-Watson can:

  • Ensure your comfort during the procedure with pain-free anesthetic, sedation options, and ceiling TVs to help distract you
  • Use the latest technology to help the process go smoothly and with the best results
  • Complete the procedure in less than an hour

Call 770-744-4619 today so we can determine if root canals procedure can relieve your dental pain! Here in Atlanta West Dentistry in Marietta, GA we offer complimentary consultations.

Providing Pain Relief And Preventing Discomfort With Root Canals

Root canals are used to get rid of infected pulp in your tooth. To remove this pain-causing pulp, Dr. Cameron Watson will:

  • Numb your mouth using The Wand, a comfortable computer-operated tool that eliminates the need for large syringes
  • Provide dental sedation if desired
  • Use CBCT 3D imaging to locate surrounding nerves and structures
  • Use an endodontic-specific loupe (magnifying eyewear) for a clear, enlarged view of your tooth for best results
  • Gently remove the damaged pulp using a rotary endodontic handpiece instead of the traditional metal tools
  • Clean the interior of your tooth using an ultrasonic cleaner, which combines water and sound frequency to best remove any remaining infection
  • Place a dental crown over your tooth to protect it and ensure its strength

Choosing The Best Dental Sedation Option To Help You Relax

We offer three safe sedation options for you to choose from if you suffer from dental anxiety. Based on your level of anxiety, we can provide:

  • Laughing gas to quickly soothe your nerves
  • Oral conscious sedation, which is taken orally before your appointment so you’re fully relaxed for your procedure
  • IV sedation, which allows you to sleep during the entire procedure

Call Today So We Can Put An End To Your Tooth Pain!

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