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I've had trouble all my life, and at 19, I lost all of my upper teeth, and so I've had a denture all those years. It made me self conscious. When I first came to see Dr. Watson, it was for some work on the bottom, and he pretty much restored most of my bottom teeth, too. We got to talking, and talking about the fear of what I've had with the uppers, and all. So, finally, we came to the conclusion, that for the age I am, and everything, it would be great, for me, to go ahead, and take the plunge, and so I actually have implants on the top,...

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I was having a problem with a tooth and I didn't think it was gonna be a big deal.But then after we looked into it, I needed to have an implant, 'cause the bone was wearing away and had to have a graft and that kind of thing under a tooth that was already crowned. That was when I saw the beauty of IV sedation, and I will never have another tooth pulled without it. Everything had gone, just like she said it would, and I was terrified the first day, but I've gotten a lot better about it now and my implant is perfect. The noise of the dentist...

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Well, I had braces as a kid, and I did the horrible, big no-no of not wearing my retainer afterwards. My teeth had started to shift back and I just wasn't really happy with how they were looking. I did not want to do braces again. I'm new in the business world, so my smile is a big deal to me. I wanted something very non-invasive and not noticeable. I knew I wanted to do Invisalign. It was the best process I could have asked for. Well, what was great about Invisalign is that it really ... it doesn't really hurt that bad. Compared to braces,...

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Doing the wand, it was amazing. We don't really like needles, so I would take the wand any day. They basically just put it on my tooth and it kind of numbed the area around. So without the poking and the wondering if you're numb or not, you automatically knew that the area was numb and it was harmless. The difference was that I noticed was my mouth wasn't all numb. You know, normally when you get the shot, your mouth is big, it feels like your lip is big. But only that area was numb, so everything wasn't numb. I feel like I could talk...

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