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Mini Dental Implants

  • Get a full mouth of functional teeth again
  • Avoid having a bone graft procedure
  • Experience a comprehensive consultation

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Achieve Your New Smile With Mini Dental Implants in Marietta

Like many of our patients, you might have been told you’re not a good candidate for dental implants. The team at Atlanta West Dentistry may be able to help you like we’ve helped so many others. Our Marietta mini dental implants can:

  • Be used in situations where standard implants won’t work
  • Let you avoid having a bone graft or sinus lift
  • Require a less invasive placement procedure than standard implants
  • Allow for a shorter, more comfortable healing time
  • Let you get your implants and new replacement teeth in a single day

We’re waiting to help you smile again! Our office is located at 1808 Powder Springs Road SW in Marietta – not far off Macland Road/Windy Hill Road.

Find Out If Mini Implants Are Right For You

Mini implants are the smaller cousin to traditional, full-sized implants. They function as prosthetic tooth roots when you have one or more missing teeth. Using a computer-guided procedure, your dentist will place them in your jawbone where they can anchor beautiful and fully functional replacement teeth.

Since they are smaller, minis don’t require as much bone to fuse with, making them ideal if your jawbone is weak or has deteriorated over time. While a bone graft can often be used to strengthen the bone and make standard implants possible, minis work great if you don’t want a bone graft or are not a candidate for one.

Because placing mini implants is less invasive than placing full-sized implants, the procedure is shorter and your healing time will be quicker. Standard implants usually require a few months to fully integrate with the jawbone; however, with mini implants, we can often attach your new teeth at the same appointment. That means you could leave the same day with a full set of teeth!

Dentures are a great option for replacement teeth using minis. We can even use your old dentures without having to make new ones.

Mini implants are not the right choice for every patient, but your dentist will go over all your implant options, answering any questions you have, so you can make the best decision for your circumstances.

When you need new teeth, mini dental implants in Marietta may be the solution you’ve been looking for! Call Atlanta West Dentistry today at (770) 941-6979 to schedule your consultation.

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