Atlanta West Dentistry Helps You Forget Your Dental Fears

Our Atlanta West Dentistry team specializes in making dental fears vanish for you or your family members. Everyone should benefit from our services, no matter if you are scared of the dentist or how intimidating a visit to the dentist office may seem.

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Our soothing staff members ensure you have the same experience we would want while receiving dental care. A complimentary consultation at our Marietta, GA dentist office will prove it.

Call 770-744-4619 to book your first visit or ask any questions you may have, including which  of our dental sedation options can help you.

Treating Your Smile In Total Comfort

We understand dental anxiety affects patients of all ages, which is why we offer special attention for you and for our younger patients.

We also offer safe sedation dentistry options for all, including:

  • Inhaled sedation to help you relax without feeling overly groggy or “out of it.” Commonly known as “laughing gas,” inhaled sedation is great for nervous kids and for patients of all ages who need just a little bit of help to relax during a procedure.
  • Oral conscious sedation, which is taken orally and allows you to feel even more relaxed and at ease than laughing gas. It does make you a bit more groggy, but you will remain conscious and aware throughout the procedure.
  • IV sedation, which allows you to doze throughout your procedure. You will have no memory of the discomfort or unpleasant sounds of your treatment.

You can also relax by watching TV in any of our rooms while kicking back in our comfy chairs,  and asking for anything that ensures your best experience with us. We also offer a play area for children before and after their appointments.

A Complimentary Consultation Can Ease Your Mind

You can contact our Marietta, GA dentist office with any questions at 770-744-4619. We’re happy to help you schedule your complimentary consultation. We can also be contacted through our online form.

Video: Dr. Bowersox on sedation options at Atlanta West Dentistry