Eat Any Foods You Love With Dental Implants

One of life’s most simple yet greatest pleasures is enjoying the foods you love, and Atlanta West Dentistry can help you comfortably get back to doing just that.

Dr. Travis Watson on using 3D x-rays to place implants Read Transcript

If your ability to chew has become difficult, we can solve the problem using dental implants and more at our Marietta, GA dentist office.

For instance, we can:

  • Replace missing teeth with dental implants (which also benefits your oral health)
  • Provide your implants in just one visit with TeethXpress
  • Correct ill-fitting dentures
  • Relieve dental pain that’s causing chewing issues

We offer complimentary consultations, so call us today at 770-744-4619 so we can help make every mealtime a joy again!

Comfortably Chew And Improve Your Health With Dental Implants

If you are suffering from the results of missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures, dental implants can change your life. Dental implants offer many unique benefits that cannot be guaranteed by other types of restorations, which include:

  • Long-Lasting Solutions For Chewing Issues – Implants are inserted directly into your gum and allowed to fuse to your jawbone. This creates a solid foundation upon which your replacement teeth can be placed. Implants aren’t removable and will become a lasting part of your mouth.
  • Providing The Strongest Bite – Dental implants, once fully healed, can restore almost 100 percent of your natural chewing ability! Want to eat a juicy steak or a crisp apple? No problem. With dental implants, you can live the life you want to live, enjoying the food you love.
  • Beautifying Your Smile – Our dental implant restorations are designed to be as aesthetically pleasing and natural looking as possible. Whether you have just one implant or a full set, your new teeth will help you look and feel great about yourself. For many of our patients, we can provide beautiful, new teeth in a single visit!

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Video: Dr. Watson on Placing Dental Implants with 3D X-Rays at Atlanta West Dentistry

Using 3D X-Rays can make placing of dental implants easy and efficient. It is the standard in dentistry today as it can evaluate and virtually place an implant even before a patient can come to the office. Learn more about dental implants and how it can benefit you Call 770-744-4619 to schedule a visit at Atlanta West Dentistry in our Marietta, GA dental office. We will discuss and determine which dental implants are best for you. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: LIKE OUR FACEBOOK: