Go From No Teeth To A Full, Brand-New Smile In Just One Visit With TeethXpress®

TeethXpress® is a revolutionary dental implant service that makes our Atlanta West Dentistry patients in Marietta, GA incredibly happy. You can literally walk in our office with no teeth and walk out with a beautiful smile the same day!

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TeethXpress® allows us to:

  • Help you smile again with total confidence
  • Eliminate the usual waiting period for dental implants, which can be around five or six months
  • Provide you with dental implants even if you don’t qualify for traditional implants

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Improving Your Appearance In One Visit With Dental Implants

Dental implants are an excellent solution for replacing your missing teeth, but it can take awhile to receive your final replacement teeth. TeethXpress® allows you to enjoy temporary replacement teeth right away while your final replacement teeth are being created!

Due to our careful planning beforehand, you’ll benefit from:

  • Computer-guided implant surgery that lasts only about one hour total
  • A process that typically requires only four or six dental implants to provide you with a full arch of teeth. This:
    • Saves time on the procedure itself by placing only the implants needed to secure your new teeth in one day
    • Speeds up your healing process

Providing Total Comfort During Your TeethXpress® Procedure

TeethXpress® involves a special type of screw-shaped implant that we strategically place in your jaw. Though there will be a healing period afterward, we offer sedation options to keep you as comfortable as possible while you’re with us.

Atlanta West Dentistry in Marietta, GA features a private surgical sedation suite that lets us operate with efficiency and allows us access to high levels of sedation. With IV sedation, you can sleep throughout the entire procedure.

After your procedure, we will immediately place a set of custom-fitted temporary implant-retained dentures. These replacement teeth are what you will wear until your final crowns can be placed.

Start Planning Your New Smile With A Complimentary Consultation!

Call 770-744-4619 to book a visit to Atlanta West Dentistry in our Marietta, GA dentist office. During your complimentary consultation, we’ll determine if you’re a good candidate for TeethXpress®. We can also be contacted through our online form!

Video: Dr. Bowersox of Atlanta West Dentistry on The Benefits of Teeth In A Day

You can get in and have your teeth replaced with an implant in just a single visit through Teeth In A Day service at Atlanta West Dentistry. Watch Dr. Bowersox as she apprise the benefits of Teeth in a Day. Learn more about TeethXpress®, Call 770-744-4619 to book a visit to Atlanta West Dentistry in our Marietta, GA dentist office and find out if your a good candidate for Teeth In A Day or TeethXpress®. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: LIKE OUR FACEBOOK: