Eat The Foods You Like & Smile More Confidently With Dentures

If you’re living without teeth or need to have your teeth removed, Atlanta West Dentistry in Marietta, GA is here to help with our beautiful dentures!

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We offer customized denture options to help you:

  • Eat the foods you love
  • Feel happier about sharing your smile
  • Enhance your oral health, and even your overall health

We also offer multiple sedation options to relieve your dental anxiety during any needed extractions and make your experience with us as relaxing as possible.

Your complimentary consultation at Atlanta West Dentistry in our Marietta, GA dentist office can be made by calling 770-744-4619. Our doctors will discuss our options with you and then develop a custom plan to create your new amazing smile!

Developing Your New Smile With The Right Dentures

Atlanta West Dentistry in Matietta, GA offers a variety of dentures to best suit your individual needs. These include:

  • Full Removable
    We can create a set of traditional, custom-designed replacement teeth that will look and feel great in your mouth.If you have lost most of your teeth due to disease, decay, or age, or will need to have many of them removed, this may be the option for you.
  • Partial
    Partial dentures work much like traditional dentures except that they replace only a portion of your natural teeth. If the majority of your natural teeth are healthy but you have a gap you would like to fill, partial dentures may be right for you.As with traditional dentures, partials are removable for easy cleaning and maintenance and may require an adhesive to stay in place.
  • Implant-Retained And Implant-Support
    Implant-retained and implant-supported dentures are dentures that are secured into your mouth using dental implants. Implants can restore almost 100 percent of your natural chewing power.Implant-retained dentures are dentures that are secured to your jawbone using dental implants and ball attachments. Implant-supported dentures are similar but are secured using a bar attachment system.Both options are great for lending extra support and stability to your denture. We can even do these with special LOCATOR implants.

Call For Your Complimentary Consultation And Find The Right Dentures For You!

Call Atlanta West Dentistry at 770-744-4619 to visit our Marietta, GA dental office for a complimentary consultation. We can also be reached through our online form. Our team is ready to provide your strong and confidence-boosting smile!

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Although some patients find it awful to have dentures for restorations, many are still opting to have it as a replacement. Now, dentures can be more stable with implants. Learn more about our denture options at Atlanta West Dentistry - At Atlanta West Dentistry, we offer comprehensive cosmetic dentistry, restorative options, oral surgery services & more. Call us at at (770) 744-4619 and make an appointment today. VISIT OUR WEBSITE: LIKE OUR FACEBOOK: