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Who’s Afraid Of A Missing Tooth?

Posted on October 1st, 2019

You turn to see it. Is that what you think? It’s a little scary, but you move closer to the mirror …

It’s definitely what you feared it was, but you can’t turn away. Ever since you lost that tooth, your smile is looking a little scary to you. It’s left you feeling self-conscious and a little embarrassed when you meet someone for work or for a social occasion.

Thankfully, you can do something to defeat those feeling, replace what you’ve lost, and rebuild your confidence in your smile. You can get an implant-supported dental crown at Atlanta West Dentistry.

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What’s The Worst That Could Happen

Since Halloween is fast approaching, we know that scary movies will be coming out in theaters. Maybe you’ll seek out a classic horror film on your streaming service of choice.

Regardless, one of the cliche’s in many horror films involves a character saying something like, “At least it can’t get any worse.” But that’s just foreshadowing that something worse is yet to come.

We aren’t trying to scare you about what a lost tooth can mean, but we want you to be aware of the potential problems that can arise when you have a gap in your smile.

For starters, that empty space that once held a tooth can change how your smile looks. It also may affect how you pronounce words. Both of these things can become a distraction for other people or a reason you may hesitate to smile or speak in front of others.

That’s just the beginning. When you have a full set of teeth, they provide support for one another. You generate forces on your teeth when you bite and chew. If a tooth is missing, that pressure can cause your remaining teeth to drift. These changes in your bite can make it more difficult to eat certain foods and increase your risk of oral health problems.

The last thing we’ll mention is something you won’t be able to see. A missing tooth can lead to loss of bone in your jaw. That loss of bone density can leave you more vulnerable to additional tooth loss in the future.

Fight Back To Save Your Smile

In scary movies, the characters who survive often benefit from a last-minute save of some kind. In real life, we would prefer to deal with a problem early, when less invasive measures will solve a problem.

For a missing tooth, we recommend a dental implant and crown. This is the closest thing to a new tooth that you can get in restorative dentistry.

The implant takes the place of your missing root. Like the root, it’s embedded in your jawbone. This keeps the implant secure, so it can provide stable support for your crown. With the crown, your smile will be complete. You will be able to eat and speak naturally again.

Plus, you can stop the drifting and bone loss we mentioned earlier.

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute

You can be the hero of your own smile. If you have a missing tooth, plan a visit to Atlanta West Dentistry as soon as you are able.

Call (770) 941-6979 or contact us online to request an appointment. Together, we can save your smile!