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What’s Wrong With Losing A Tooth?

Posted on February 25th, 2016

Do you remember losing teeth as a kid? You probably wiggled loose teeth back and forth with your fingers and pushed on those teeth with your tongue.

And then, of course, someone (the tooth fairy) was willing to give you money for your lost teeth. Pretty good deal.

Now think about losing a tooth as an adult. If you noticed it was loose, you probably wanted to keep it in your mouth.

When it fell out, no one thought it was cute, and no one was about to give you any money for it.

In fact, losing a tooth can cost you a lot of things — your smile, your ability to eat certain foods, and some money to replace it.

But what if you don’t replace your missing tooth? We will explain below why you are better off filling in that gap in your smile.

When you do, we hope you will give Atlanta West Dentistry a call whether you live in Smyrna or anywhere near Marietta, GA.

Why One Lost Tooth Can Be A Problem

Just one lost tooth can create a number of problems for you.

You may become self-conscious about your missing tooth. You may be ashamed of the gap in your smile, and you may do everything you can to hide your teeth from the world.

Physically, your lost tooth can make it more difficult to bite into or chew certain foods, depending on which tooth came out.

Even if you don’t notice a change in your biting and chewing ability right away, you probably will with time. Teeth are like a support system for one another. Your teeth are pushed in various directions as you eat and speak. They lean into one another to maintain their positions in your mouth.

If you take just one of those teeth out, the support system will slowly fade away. With time, the teeth closest to your gap may start to drift, which means they aren’t supporting the teeth next to them the way they should.

Then those teeth could start to drift. You can see how this is a problem that can get worse the longer it remains unresolved.

Another problem is developing under your gumline. Without your root, you will start to lose bone density in that part of your mouth.

As that bone loss spreads, nearby teeth may start to feel loose and fall out. Then, your bone loss will get worse and more teeth will be at risk.

Stop One Problem From Causing More

What can you do if you have lost a tooth?

Your best option is to contact Atlanta West Dentistry to make an appointment to get a dental implant.

Many of you may already know that dental implants are a replacement for the roots of your teeth. Implants serve as an anchor that holds other crown replacements firmly rooted in your jaw.

Most modern dental implants are made with titanium. When the implant is placed, it provides stimulation to your bone. This encourages new bone growth, which prevents loss of bone density and keeps your bone healthy.

As the bone grows, it will bond to your implant, which what makes the implant secure and stable.

By placing a dental crown on your implant, you can continue eating all the foods that your enjoy. The dental crown also provides the support for the adjacent teeth that you lost when your natural tooth fell out or had to be pulled.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

Dental implants are good for replacing more than one tooth, too. In fact, dental implants can help replace an entire arch of teeth.

If you need to replace three or four teeth, we may recommend dental implants paired with a dental bridge.

A bridge is composed of multiple dental crowns that have been fused together. Like a dental crown, it restores the appearance of a complete set of healthy teeth, and it allows you to eat the foods that you want to eat.

If you need dentures, then we can strategically place multiple implants in your jaw. Those implants can be used to secure your dentures and restore something very close to your original bite force.

To understand what this means, it could be the difference between enjoying a fresh apple or only being able to eat applesauce.

Fill In Your Gap

Replacing your missing tooth could be the most effective way to keep your remaining healthy teeth in place. If you live in Marietta, Smyrna, or anywhere else near our dentist office, come talk to us to learn more about how dental implants can help you.

Call (770) 941-6979 or use our online form to make your appointment at Atlanta West Dentistry.