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Understanding Dental Implants | Marietta, GA

Posted on October 9th, 2015

Are you missing teeth? Would you like to have a full set of teeth? Do you want your smile to shine without any holes or gaps?

Well, you can have that full smile back with the help of one of the best innovations in modern dentistry — dental implants.

And dental implant procedures are closer than you might think, right here at Atlanta West Dentistry, serving Marietta and the surrounding area.

What are dental implants?

To explain what a dental implant is, let’s first take a look at the parts of the tooth.

Every tooth in your mouth has a crown. This is the part of the tooth that the world can see when you open your mouth. Your crown has a thin coating on the outside known as enamel, which is actually the hardest substance on the human body.

Inside the crown is a layer of dentin, which is made of living cells that secrete a hard substance. Inside the dentin is the pulp, which is a softer tissue inside your tooth. This also is where blood vessels and nerves run through your teeth.

The root serves as an anchor, holding your teeth in place.

Unfortunately, sometimes things happen to your teeth. Maybe you had cavities or tooth decay. Maybe you were in an accident and one or more of your teeth got knocked out.

Whether you having missing or decaying teeth, dental implants could be the answer to the question, “How can I get my smile back?”

Dental implants serve the same function as the root of your tooth. The implant serves as an anchor for a crown or bridge, which replaces your missing or lost teeth.

How do implants work?

A dental implant is a tapered, titanium cylinder that is surgically placed into your jawbone.

As your mouth heals, the implant will fuse with your jawbone. This provides a strong foundation for your replacement teeth. This can take a few weeks or a few months. During this time, a temporary abutment (which you can think of as a replacement tooth) will allow you to continue with your everyday life.

Once your implant is firmly in place, you are ready for a permanent abutment to be attached.

Types of implants

Dental implants are a great development in dentistry. They can be used to replace one tooth, a group of teeth, or even a full arch of teeth in the top or bottom of your mouth.

To start the process, please take time to consult with your dentist at Atlanta West Dentistry. It’s important for us to understand your dental and medical history as we evaluate what option will be best for you.

With a single tooth implant, you will have the implant put in place. On a later visit, our team will place a crown, an abutment that looks and functions like a natural tooth, onto the implant.

If you need to replace multiple teeth, a pair of implants will be put into your jawbone. As with the single-tooth implant, temporary teeth will be added as the implants fuse in place. Once they are ready, a bridge will span the gap where you are missing teeth. Like a crown, the bridge looks like and acts like natural teeth.

If you do need a full arch replacement, a series of implants will be put in place. As mentioned above, you will need time for the implants to fuse with you jawbone. Then, a custom-made arch can be attached, giving you the appearance of a full set of teeth.

How could implants help me?

Are you trying to decide if implants might be right for you? If you are, then try to keep in mind the benefits of having implants.

• Tooth replacement — Dental implants are the best thing next to healthy, natural teeth. Implants look, function, and feel like real teeth.

• Long-lasting — With proper care, implants are made to last throughout your life.

• No worries about your teeth — If you were too embarrassed to show your teeth before, you can be more confident with a full-looking set of teeth.

• Protecting you mouth — Implants provide a protective purpose for the healthy teeth and bone you have left. By stimulating bone growth, implants help keep your jawbone strong.

• Staying in place — Other tooth replacement options, like dentures, can come loose with normal activities like talking, eating, and yawning. That’s not going to happen with implants.

Proven safe

Dental implants are a proven solution for replacing missing teeth. They are safe, effective, and durable.

You can feel confident when visiting family and friends or when meeting new people. You can eat whatever you want, and dental implants can make it possible. If you’ve already lost a tooth, you’ve only got your smile to regain.

If you would like to learn more, call Atlanta West Dentistry at (770) 941-6979 to schedule a consultation. Our office is located at 1808 Powder Springs Road SW in Marietta.