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TeethXpress: Not Your Grandfather’s Dentures

Posted on April 27th, 2017

Technology has created something that sociologists call “future shock.” This occurs when too many things change too quickly, and it leaves people feeling unsure of what’s happened.

We can’t help but wonder what our grandparents or great-grandparents might think of TeethXpress.

It wasn’t that long ago that dentures were your best option for replacing missing teeth. Then dental implants were invented, and that caused a big change in restorative dentistry.

And if you live in or near Marietta, GA, our dentist office has taken things a step further. It’s now possible to get implant-supported dentures in a one-day procedure at Atlanta West Dentistry.

You can schedule a consultation to find out if TeethXpress is right for you. Call (770) 941-6979 or fill out our online form to request an appointment.

Dental Implants & Teeth Replacements

The first set of modern dental implants was placed in a human patient in the 1960s. Since then, dental implants have become increasingly common as part of teeth replacements.

A single implant can support a dental crown. Implants can make dental bridges more secure.

And a series of well-placed implants can add stability and strength to dentures that just wasn’t possible with denture adhesives.

For someone with traditional dentures, implant-supported dentures were a big step up. Getting implants meant you could eat more naturally again. It meant not having to worry that your “teeth” might fall out while talking to a client or customer or while you were giving a speech.

Getting implant-supported dentures was like getting a new set of teeth that couldn’t get cavities. (Although, you do still have to take care of them to avoid gum disease.)

The ‘Old’ Way Of Getting Implant-Supported Dentures

There’s no doubt that dental implants are great for patients.

But nothing is perfect.

Getting implants could be a lengthy process, even if the long-term benefits were well worth the wait. After a dentist determined that you were a good candidate for implants, he or she would plan the placement.

When you came back to get your dental implants, that was just the first step. You needed time to heal after your implants were embedded in your jawbone.

And that could take several months in some cases.

Eventually, you would be ready to have your dentures attached to your implants. Then, you could begin to enjoy all the benefits we mentioned earlier.

How TeethXpress Is An Improvement

Imagine you are building a fence. You dig holes and place the fence posts. You add some concrete, but then learn that it won’t set for three months. Then and only then, can you finish building the fence.

Now imagine doing that something, but having concrete that sets in an hour so you can finish your fence today!

We know it’s not a perfect analogy, but TeethXpress is like building that second fence.

For this procedure, our dentists in Marietta, GA, use a special, screw-like dental implant. By strategically placing these implants in your mouth, we also are able to attach a set of temporary dentures that same day.

That means you will leave our office looking like you have a full set of teeth again. It also means you will be able to start eating many foods that same day, too. As your jaw heals, you will find that you can do more and more with your implants.

When you are fully healed, we will replace your temporary replacement teeth with your permanent ones. By then, you will have a great idea just how much you can do with your implant-supported dentures.

Keeping You Comfortable

It may go without saying, but a full-mouth reconstruction like TeethXpress is more complicated that general dental care.

To keep you comfortable, we offer IV sedation at our practice. This is the strongest form of sedation we offer. It can only be administered by an individual with specialized training, and it allows us to make adjustments as needed to keep you pain-free throughout the implant placement process.

You should make arrangements for someone else to take you home, however, since the effects of the sedation can last for a little while after the procedure is over.

Want To Know More?

If you already have dentures or you are thinking of getting dentures, don’t do anything until you talk to one of our dentists. Find out if TeethXpress is right for you.

Call (770) 941-6979 or contact us online to schedule your consultation at Atlanta West Dentistry.