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Root Canals Can Be Performed Pain-Free

Posted on March 1st, 2019

“You need a root canal.”

If you are like many people, those are five words you hope that you never hear. The thing is, they could be just what you need to save your smile and protect your oral health.

Unfortunately fear of the dentist or anxiety about getting a root canal can cause many people to ignore the symptoms of a tooth infection. Don’t ignore the pain. Don’t try to live with the suffering.

Instead, makes plans to visit Atlanta West Dentistry. We can perform a pain-free root canal procedure at our office in Marietta, GA. You can start feeling like yourself again. Just call (770) 941-6979 to make an appointment.

End Your Pain & Suffering

If you need a root canal, then you are having one of two problems. Either you already have an infected tooth, or, you have a problem (like a deeply cracked or broken tooth) that leaves you vulnerable to a tooth infection in the near future.

By getting a root canal sooner rather than later, you can end the pain associated with a tooth infection or perhaps avoid that pain completely. Unfortunately, root canals have an undeserved reputation. Far too many people are convinced that the procedure itself will be painful that they continue to suffer through their infection. The truth is that a root canal can remove the cause of your pain so you can feel normal.

So, how is this possible? It’s possible when you have a dental team (like ours!) who is committed to making dental care as comfortable as it can be.

We understand that dental anxiety can be an obstacle to getting the care that you need and deserve. It’s why we have set up our office with a number of comfort items to help you relax. You can enjoy a pillow and blanket to feel cozy. You are welcome to enjoy a beverage as well, and you can watch one of your favorite television shows as a distraction.

We do offer local anesthetic, but we go a step further by providing multiple levels of sedation dentistry as well.

Stay Relaxed & Pain-Free

Dental sedation has never been better than it is today. At Atlanta West Dentistry, you can take choose from three kinds of sedation, so you can feel confident that you will remain free from pain.

Laughing gas or inhaled sedation has been used in some way for more than a century. It’s a fast, but effective option to keep you calm and prevent you from feeling pain during procedures like root canals.

If you would prefer something stronger, we also offer oral sedation. With this option, you will take a dose of medication before your appointment. By the time you are ready for your procedure, you will be in a relaxed state and enjoying the pain-blocking benefits that your medicine.

For patients who want something stronger still, you have the option of IV sedation. This is administered in a special surgical suite, so we can monitor you at all times while you are under its effects.

Your Root Canal Doesn’t Have To Hurt

If you are dealing with a toothache that won’t go away, increased pain sensitivity, or even general soreness around a particular tooth, then it’s time to plan your visit with our Marietta, GA dental team.

Call (770) 941-6979 or contact us online to request your appointment. When you do, be sure to ask about our sedation options.