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Restore Your Smile in One Day with TeethXpress

Posted on June 26th, 2018

We live in a fast-paced, technologically advanced world.

You can look up news and information about anything with a device that fits in the palm of your hand. You also can use a computer to find our dentist office in Marietta, GA, where you could get a new set of teeth in one day.

At Atlanta West Dentistry, you can get implants and implant-supported dentures during a single appointment thanks to our TeethXpress® service.

Sound too good to be true? Call (770) 941-6979 today to schedule a free consultation with one of our doctors. This will give you a chance to learn more about this revolutionary approach to teeth replacement … and to find out how it could help you restore and replace your missing teeth.

Don’t Wait to See Your New Smile

TeethXpress is a big advancement over the old way of getting implant-supported dentures.

Not long ago, you may have had to wait several months with multiple appointments before you could share your new smile.

Assuming you have enough bone, your dental implants would be placed in your jaw. Then you would wait for your jawbone to heal. Only after your dentist was confident that the bone was keeping your implants secure, then your dentures would be attached.

That could mean walking around for several months with no teeth in your mouth.

With TeethXpress, you can start sharing your new smile the same day that you get your implants. You will still need some time for your jaw to heal from the procedure, but you won’t have to feel self-conscious about letting other people see your smile.

Eat the Foods You Want to Eat

One of the biggest benefits of getting dental implants is they allow you to eat anything you want to eat. You won’t have to rely on denture adhesives to keep your dentures somewhat in place, either.

With implants, your dentures will stay where they should. Since they are connected to your jawbone, you’ll be able to generate nearly as much biting power as you could when you had a full set of healthy teeth.

This doesn’t happen right away. But as your jaw heals, the bone will bond directly to your implants. You’ll notice your bite getting stronger and stronger. Before long, you’ll be ordering steaks and enjoying some hot, buttery corn on the cob!

Enjoy Comfortable Care

We have created a private suite in our Marietta office for procedures like TeethXpress.

This assures your privacy and your comfort throughout the process. We are among the few practices with the training and permits to offer IV sedation in our office. This will keep you pain-free and keep you from remembering anything about implant placement.

With computer-guided surgery, your implants can be placed precisely where they should be to provide you the maximum benefit. The placement process itself takes about an hour.

The First Step Is Visiting Us

You can have a great smile again. You can eat the foods you love, and your new “teeth” can last the rest of your life with proper care.

To learn more about what TeethXpress and our team at Atlanta West Dentistry could do for you or someone you love, please schedule your complimentary consultation soon. You can contact us online or call (770) 941-6979 today!