Relax With Pain-Free General Dentistry (video)

Cosmetic Dentistry 3 | Marietta, GA - Atlanta West Dentistry

Fanchon is not a fan of needles. That’s also one of the reasons she is a fan of our team in Marietta, GA. With The Wand, we can numb her mouth without her feeling the prick of a needle in her mouth.

That’s not the only reason she comes to Atlanta West Dentistry, however.

“You can actually understand and they can explain to you why it’s necessary to do this or to do that. And then not only that, but they actually provide the tools to if you need it for your mouth,” she says in the video below.

To discover all that we can do, visit our general dentistry soon. Contact us online or call 770-744-4619 to request an appointment.

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