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Putting Technology To Use In The Fight Against Cavities

Posted on December 1st, 2016

Christmas will be here soon, so we have to ask. Have you been naughty or nice to your teeth? Are you doing the things that you should to fight tooth decay, like making regular visits to Atlanta West Dentistry?

We hope you are making time every day to brush your teeth and to floss between them. Nevertheless, you also should be coming to our family dentist office in Marietta, GA, for professional cleanings and examinations.

Both aspects of a routine visit are important. We aren’t just removing plaque and tartar buildup (which is important). Our dental professionals also are keeping their eyes open for cavities.

Recently, we added another tool that can detect cavities before our eyes can see them. The CariVu is the latest piece of technology we have incorporated into our general dentistry.

To see it for yourself, schedule your next cleaning by calling (770) 941-6979 or filling out our online form.

Finding Cavities With Light

Laser dentistry is becoming more and more common. Before we add one of these tools at our office, we make sure it is going to be beneficial for our patients.

We don’t want to add fancy equipment for the sake of having it. We want to know this is going provide real advantages for our patients.

We have already seen that the CariVu is going to help many patients avoid more serious issues by finding cavities in the earliest stages. As with most oral health problems, early detection leads to better and more effective treatments.

The CariVu is almost like something out of a science fiction movie. A member of our team with pass a handheld device over your teeth. The device has a tiny camera that uses “transillumination” to find cavities (also called caries) and cracks in teeth.

The human eye is an amazing thing, but it has limits. With the CariVu, we have a tool to detect tooth decay and cavity earlier than ever before. This allows us to begin treatment much sooner.

The longer tooth decay is allowed to eat into your teeth, the more likely you are to need dental fillings, dental crowns, or the dreaded root canal treatment. (To be clear, root canal treatments are not as bad as many people fear. Nevertheless, it’s better to not need one.)

While the images captured by the CariVu are similar to X-rays in appearance, the CariVu uses no radiation. This makes it a valuable tool for any patient who can’t or doesn’t want X-rays.

Just call Atlanta West Dentistry to schedule a cleaning and exam to experience the CariVu for yourself.

CariVu And Patient Education

Have you ever had this experience at a dentist’s office? The dentist or hygienist is describing a problem. You aren’t really sure what they mean, but you nod and pretend like you understand.

When you leave, you know you are supposed to do something, but you aren’t exactly sure where this problem exists. (We also hope you never feel that way at Atlanta West Dentistry. Feel free to ask us a question at any time before, during, or after your treatment.)

The CariVu works well on its own. When it is combined with other technology, it gives you a better understanding of what the dentist or hygienist is trying to explain. The images from the CariVu can be shown alongside other images so you can know what tooth we want you to notice.

We have learned that showing patients what we are discussing helps everyone get on the same page. From there, it’s easier to discuss what can and should be done to remedy the situation.

Again, when our dentists look at technology, it’s not just about having something cool (although we must admit that the CariVu is pretty cool). It’s about having a tool that improves your experience at our office and, more importantly, your oral health.

We consider this a revolutionary technology that will make a big difference for our patients for years to come.

Start enjoying those benefits today by making your next appointment if you having already. Call (770) 941-6979.

General Dentistry Is About Our Patients

Our patients are at the front of our minds with every decision we make at our dentist office in Marietta, GA.

Everything from the wide range of services we offer to technology like the CariVu is under one roof. We want you to know that Atlanta West Dentistry is a place where your family can come for all your oral care needs.

Schedule a cleaning today by contacting us online or by calling us at (770) 941-6979.