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Get a Beautiful Smile With TeethXpress

Posted on April 8th, 2016

The prospect of losing your teeth may leave you feeling nervous about your quality of life.

Will you be able to eat? How will you eat? What can you eat if you are missing all or most of your teeth?

Yet, this is a more common problem than you may realize. Approximately 23 million Americans are missing all of their teeth, and 12 million are missing one complete arch of teeth, according to the American College of Prosthodontists.

You may be worried that you could be facing a future of soups and mushy foods that you don’t have to chew. That is one possibility, but it’s not your only option.

Another option is having a smile that you are proud to share in photos and when meeting new people, and you are able to continue eating any food that you want to eat.

If this sounds like the better option for you, we encourage you to keep reading to learn more about TeethXpress at Atlanta West Dentistry. Just call or stop by our dentist office in Marietta, GA, if you have questions.

Living Without Teeth

Tooth loss generally happens in stages.

You may lose a tooth or two due to poor dental hygiene or because of an accident of some kind. At the time, you may have thought missing a couple teeth wouldn’t make that much of a difference.

If you don’t replace those missing teeth, then you really are putting the rest of your teeth at risk. As more teeth come loose and fall out, it becomes more and more likely that you will lose all your teeth.

This changes how you eat. This changes what you can eat, and frankly, this changes the enjoyment that you receive from eating. As a result, you may not be getting the nutrients that you need from the foods that you can or feel you can eat.

Losing teeth also affects how you speak. We’ve all heard children talk when they lose their baby teeth. The reason they sound different is because our teeth affect how we pronounce the sounds we use to make words.

If you don’t have any teeth, you may have to relearn how to say certain things.

Another physical change that comes with losing teeth is the loss of bone density. Your jawbone stays healthy through new growth. That new growth is stimulated through the contact it receives from the roots of your teeth. Without roots, you don’t get that stimulation, and your face may sink in on itself as your bone deteriorates.

Last but not least, losing your teeth can affect you psychologically as well. You may be afraid to smile or speak for fear that you will be judged for not having teeth.

Quality of life is and should be a consideration when you think about living without teeth.


We provide TeethXpress to help patients who want to live their lives as normally as possible after having their teeth replaced.

The first step in this process is examining the health of your mouth and bone. If we determine TeethXpress is a good option for you, we can begin planning your procedure.

To do this, we use special screw-type dental implants. We will carefully plan and place four or six of these dental implants to give you the maximum impact. We use computers to plan your implant placement as precisely as possible.

You may not believe this, but the actual placement process only takes about an hour. This is a direct result of the careful pre-planning.

After your implants are placed, we will attach a temporary set of implant-retained dentures in your mouth. This will allow you to bite and chew your food, to speak, and to smile just like you did with your real teeth.

We will order a more permanent set of dentures for your long-term needs. However, temporary dentures are what make TeethXpress possible for you and the other patients who have received this service.

You may be concerned about pain during your procedure. This is not a problem because of the sedation dentistry options we offer in our office. No matter which option you choose, you will rest comfortably while your dental implants are placed and your temporary dentures are attached to them.

Start With A Consultation

You need to get in touch with Atlanta West Dentistry to schedule a consultation if you would like to restore your smile. Our dentists want you and all our patients in and around Marietta, GA, to have the best quality of life that you can.

Filling out our online appointment form or calling (770) 941-6979 is the first step toward making that happen.