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Make A Change Back To White Teeth With Us

Posted on October 11th, 2019

It won’t be long until the leaves start changing colors, according to the forecast for this year. As pretty as multicolored trees can look in photographs, the same thing can’t be said about pictures of yellow smiles.

In fact, many people become self-conscious about their smiles when they are aware of the stains that have changed their smiles. We know because many of them have said as much when they come to our office in Marietta, GA to ask about our professional teeth whitening.

The good news is that you can have a white smile again with a little help from our team at Atlanta West Dentistry. Just call (770) 941-6979 to take your first step toward a more vibrant smile.

Revive Your Smile

We’ve heard some version of this story more often than we can count. A patient comes to us after trying one of the many over-the-counter whitening products available at their local retail store. After seeing some improvement, they were disappointed that their teeth weren’t as bright as they wanted them to be.

They could have saved time and the money they spent on those commercial products by coming to us for professional teeth whitening from the start.

Professional whitening products can remove deep stains from your smile, and they can do more work in less time than the stuff you will find in the toothpaste aisle.

And if you come to Atlanta West Dentistry, you will have your choice of whitening options, so you can find the one that works best for you.

Pick Your Path To A Brighter Smile

Whether you want a whiter smile for a special event or just to boost your confidence in your everyday smile, we have cosmetic solutions for you. Here are your options:

  • Sinsational Smile — If you are looking for a noticeable improvement as quickly as possible, this is what you want. The treatment can last as little as 20 minutes. The combination of whitening gel and LED light produces results that can leave you smiling wide. When you are finished, you’ll receive a whitening pen to help you maintain your new white teeth.
  • KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching™ System — This is meant to remove the deepest stains from teeth. It uses a combination of in-office and take-home treatments to get the best possible results for you. This process has been able to whiten smiles up to 16 shades in a matter of a few weeks. It starts with an in-office treatment. Then you will use a take-home solution before returning to our office for a final round of bleaching.
  • KöR Night — This is a take-home whitening system. The trays you receive with this system are designed to keep out saliva, which can reduce the potency of the whitening solution. The gel itself is specially formulated so it can be worn while you sleep with a much lower risk of causing sensitivity issues.
  • Opalescence Go — If you want the simplest possible solution, this is for you. This system comes with a set of pre-filled whitening trays. You just open them, put them in, and use them as directed to see results in a matter of a few weeks.

Let’s See That Smile

It always makes us feel good when a patient smile again after they see their white teeth. At Atlanta West Dentistry, you can reclaim your smile. Just call (770) 941-6979 or contact us online to request an appointment with us in Marietta, GA.