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Lasers Lead To Better Gum Treatments

Posted on June 1st, 2016

Technology has enhanced our lives ever since the wheel was first invented. Today’s technology allows us to talk to people anywhere in the world, and get answers to any question using a device that we can carry in a pocket. (Whether those answers are correct is a different issue.)

In dental care, we’ve certainly seen our share of innovations as well. Dental implants have changed how we replace missing teeth. Digital X-rays make the imaging process easier and faster for everyone involved.

Today, however, we want to discuss the ways that lasers have improved the care that we provide at Atlanta West Dentistry. It’s a difference you can learn about for yourself by visiting our dentist office in Marietta, GA.

Diode Laser

Cosmetic procedures are one way that we can use lasers on soft tissues.

A good example of this is changing a gummy smile. This can occur for a couple reasons. Some people have a larger amount of gum tissue than average. This can affect how their lips separate during their smiles.

Other people could be described as having “short” teeth if their teeth did not erupt as far out of their gums as you might expect.

In either situation, removing some of the gum tissue will all more of your teeth to be visible when you smile.

A Diode laser is a tool we can use to make this procedure easier on you. Instead of cutting away the excess gum tissue, the diode evaporates the tissue while sealing the adjacent tissue.

As with the laser treatment for gum disease, this makes the process simpler and the healing process faster.

DEKA CO2 Laser

One of the lasers that we have incorporated into our practice is the DEKA CO2 laser.

Not long ago, many people were concerned that lasers might be too powerful for routine dental care. Today, we understand how effective dental lasers can be.

For patients with gum disease, the DEKA CO2 is an invaluable tool at our disposal.

Previously, the common treatment for advanced gum disease involved surgically cutting into gum tissue. This cause a lot of bleeding, which complicated the treatment. It also meant you needed more time to heal after the surgery was over.

Today, we can use the DEKA CO2 to “vaporize” infected gum tissue. The laser also seals the tissue to reduce bleeding. It also takes less time to heal after this kind of procedure.

Another benefit is the precision of the treatment. With surgery, dentists often needed to remove more tissue than necessary to make sure they got the infected parts of your gums. With the DEKA laser, we can target the infected parts while leaving more healthy gum tissue intact.

Our CO2 laser has value in other ways as well. Because of their precision, these lasers can be used in:

  • Biopsies — This is the examination of tissue that has been removed from the body to check for diseases
  • Frenectomies — This is the removal of the frenulum. This is a fold of tissue that connects your gums to your lips. Removing it can allow greater freedom of lip movement.
  • Pre-prosthetic procedures — This is done to prepare someone’s mouth to receive dental implants.

In some cases, CO2 lasers also can be used on teeth (hard tissues), too.

Using Technology For Our Patients

Technology can be a wonderful thing when it is put to use correctly. This is why our dentists do more than just get new tools. We also undergo the training needed to use them properly and safely.

Knowing that 75 percent of Americans will have gum disease at some point in their lives, we want to be prepared to treat this problem quickly and efficiently.

We believe in making the procedure easier on you, which makes your recovery more comfortable as well.

We have found that our dental lasers are invaluable for helping patients who struggle with chronic gum disease. By using a dental laser, a patient can receive treatment without the pain of surgery. And by getting treated, they often can avoid the tooth loss that is a far-too-common consequence of advanced gum disease.

See The Light

Lasers have fascinated people since the first one was built in the 1960s. Setting aside the use of laser weapons in science fiction, lasers have proven to be scientifically valuable tools in medical and dental settings.

Our team at Atlanta West Dentistry didn’t get dental lasers because of their cool factor. We got them because of the many ways they can and have helped many patients who visit our dentist office in Marietta, GA.

If you would like to find out if our dental lasers could help with your gum problems, please call (770) 941-6979 or fill out our online form to make an appointment.