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Keep Your Smile Safe This Halloween

Posted on October 11th, 2018

You don’t want cavities. You don’t want a toothache.

You definitely don’t want an infected tooth. That would be a dental emergency.

We only mention this today because we know Halloween — and Halloween candy — will be here in a matter of weeks. We hope you have fun, but we also want you and your family to be able to enjoy Halloween (including the sweets) for many years to come.

Today, we want to share some tips to help you avoid the tooth decay that could lead to bigger issues. When you visit Atlanta West Dentistry in Marietta, GA, we want it to be for preventive care no emergency services.

If you do need to reach us, however, just dial (770) 941-6979.

Reduce the Temptation

We remember how much fun it was to go door-to-door in our neighborhood collecting bags full of candy. Today, it seems like kids get way more candy than they can eat (or at least should it).

That also makes those sweets a big temptation for the adults in the house, too.

One way you can reduce that temptation is to talk to your kids before the trick-or-treating happens. Discuss how much candy is acceptable to eat and how much they should keep.

Many places that will accept candy donations to send to troops stationed overseas or for kids who can’t go trick-or-treating on their own. Knowing they are helping someone else may make it easier for your kids to give their candy away.

It also helps to set limits on how much candy they can eat in one sitting. You can agree on a limit after meals, and you can have them agree to drink a glass of water with the candy. Doing those things will reduce the residue the candy.

That means less “food” for the cavity-causing bacteria in your mouths, too.

Stick to the Basics

Don’t forget to keep up your oral hygiene routine, too.

Brushing and flossing are important, but they become even more so when you’ve been eating sweet treats during the day. Bacteria feed on the sugars in our foods, and we know that candy is packed with sugar.

Brushing can clean the surface of your teeth, but you also need to floss to get rid of any particles or plaque that may be forming between teeth.

Also remember that sticky candies, such as gummy bears, are more difficult to remove from teeth. Just be aware of that both while you are eating them and when it’s time to clean your teeth.

If You Do Develop a Problem …

Make sure you have our phone number, (770) 941-6979, saved where you can find it fast. While we hope no one in your family has a reason to need emergency dental care, our Atlanta West Dentistry team wants you to get help quickly if it’s needed.

Candy doesn’t just cause cavities. Hard candy can cause teeth to crack. Sticky and chewy candy may pull crowns loose. Being aware of what could happen can help you plan ahead.