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Invisalign May Make Making Music Easier

Posted on September 26th, 2016

The sound of beautiful music is one of life’s pleasures. For many people, creating and playing music is an important part of their lives.

We know that many students are members of marching bands throughout the Peach State.

For better or worse, this also is the time in their lives when many high school students endure the experience of orthodontic care. Even if your sons or daughters know how to play an instrument, they may feel like they need to learn to play again after starting their orthodontic care.

If you live in or near Marietta, GA, then we would encourage you to schedule a consultation with the dentists at Atlanta West Dentistry before you commit to an orthodontic treatment.

You may find that Invisalign® is a better option for staying in tune.


Hitting The Right Notes

There’s no way around it. With any orthodontic treatment, you will have a period of adjustment.

That’s true when it comes to wearing it, and it’s true if you are trying to play a musical instrument during your treatment.

Let’s consider how Invisalign might make this transition a little easier.

Our first band member — we’ll call him Bob — like playing the trumpet. He got a set of Invisalign aligners before the marching season, so he has had some time to get used to wearing them.

When he first tried to play the trumpet with his aligners in place, he realized it was a little different because of the way the aligners changed the position of his lips.

With a little practice, Bob figured out what to do, and now he is playing as well as he ever has.

Our second band member, Bill, has been friends with Bob since they were in kindergarten. Like Bob, Bill is a trumpet player, and Bill has just started orthodontic care.

The difference is that Bill has braces. Bill also learned that this had an effect on how he played the trumpet.

But for Bill, this hasn’t just a technical issue to work out. It has been painful as well.

When he has tried to play his trumpet, he has discovered that his braces can dig into the inside of his mouth. He can hit the notes if he plays through the pain. The problem is this has made playing the trumpet less enjoyable.

Bill really wants to remain in the band, but he is thinking of asking to switch to a different kind of instrument, like a saxophone or something in the percussion section.


Daily Life

The differences between Invisalign and braces don’t stop with their effects on musicianship.

Day-to-day life is different, too, depending on whether you are wearing aligners or brackets and wires on your teeth.

A high school student with Invisalign aligners may feel less self-conscious about his or her treatment. Each aligner is made of a clear plastic that makes it virtually invisible when it is being worn.

That can make a difference when he or she is posing for a picture for the yearbook or for a selfie to go on social media.

The student with braces may feel awkward, at least at first, about smiling to reveal the metal or ceramic brackets attached to his or her teeth.

Beyond the personal comfort issues, there’s also the matter of convenience.

A student with braces has to wear them every minute of every day of every year of his or her treatment. Because of this, he or she is asked to forego certain foods (like popcorn, nuts, hard candies, and chewy foods) that could get stuck between his or her teeth and braces, cause the brackets to come loose, or cause the wire to bend or break.

With Invisalign, a student can remove the aligners during meals. As long as he or she wears the aligners for 22 hours per day, he or she will keep his teeth moving right on schedule.

This means the student with Invisalign can eat whatever he or she would normally eat. This also makes is easier to brush and floss his or her teeth after those meals. (If you had braces, then you know why this matters.)


Smoother Transitions

Invisalign offers many advantages for teenagers, whether or not they are in the band. Finding the right orthodontic treatment can make the process easier to handle for everyone involved.

To find out if Invisalign will work for your son or daughter, request an appointment by filling out our online form or by calling (770) 941-6979  to reach our dentist office in Marietta, GA.