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A Great Smile is Always in Season

Posted on April 11th, 2018

Every year, every season, department stores put new clothes in new styles on display.

For many people, getting what’s fashionable is important. For others, getting new clothes is a necessity as their old clothing has worn out over time.

Either way, you know you’ll be getting new clothes from time to time.

But there’s something else that you always have with you that makes a huge difference in how you feel about yourself and how other people perceive you. It’s your teeth.

If you feel like you want to hide them, then we want you to know that you can have a better smile! Just schedule a consultation at Atlanta West Dentistry to learn about our many cosmetic services.

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Your Smile Matters

Smiles can be powerful, especially when they are genuine and sincere.

We know that no one is happy every minute of every day, but we also hope you feel confident enough to let your smile show when you are feeling happy.

When you are able to smile — to express your happiness without reservation — researchers have concluded that this is good for your well-being. That includes being able to handle negative emotions as well.

From a social standpoint, smiling has several benefits as well. People who have nice smiles are generally viewed as friendlier, more trustworthy, and more intelligent. This isn’t something we think about, but it’s a feeling we get when we meet people for the first time.

This can be valuable whether you are meeting someone for a date, for a job interview, or for work.


Changing Your Smile

With that said, cosmetic dentistry is as much as about how it makes you feel as it is about how it changes the appearance of your smile.

If you aren’t happy with your teeth — for any reason — you may be less likely to smile. You may feel compelled to hide your teeth with your hand, with a napkin, or by looking at the floor rather than at the people with whom you are speaking.

Here are some of the most common things that patients have asked us to change … and how we can make those changes happen.


Whiter teeth

We all understand that whiter smile look nicer. When your teeth look bright and shiny, they look healthier. People with sparkling teeth seem more at ease sharing their smiles.

As long as you eat and drink, you are going to develop stains on your teeth. It’s inevitable over time.

Fortunately for you, we offer a wide array of professional teeth whitening options at our practice. Atlanta West Dentistry offers the immediate results of an in-office whitening session, the convenience of take-home whitening treatments, or a combination the two for the whitest possible smile.

Dental veneers are another way you can create the appearance of perfectly white teeth. Veneers cover the front of your smile, so your teeth can look as bright as you would like.


Crooked Teeth

This is another common concern for teens and adults. We can help with Invisalign® aligners.

By making a custom-designed series of aligners just for you, you can gently move your teeth into straighter positions.

For many people, Invisalign is a more comfortable option than traditional braces. The aligners are smooth, so it won’t scratch the soft tissues inside your mouth.

It’s also discreet. Unlike braces, most people won’t realize you are wearing aligners unless you tell them.


Broken or Misshapen Teeth

Teeth get chipped or broken on a daily basis. Some people have teeth that look big compared to the rest of the smile.

Either way, we can alter the shape of those teeth so they blend in more naturally. Veneers can be used to build-up teeth that are undersized for any reason, while tooth contouring is a way to remove some of the excess enamel from oversized teeth.


That’s Not All We Can Do

In addition to those services, we also can correct gummy smiles, close gaps between your teeth, get rid of wrinkles around your mouth, and more!

If you are ready to give yourself a better smile, then it’s time to call (770) 941-6979 or contact us online. You deserve to be happy with your smile!