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Four Times Dental Crowns Could Save Your Smile

Posted on May 16th, 2017

It only takes one tooth.

One tooth can affect how well you can eat. One tooth can make you self-conscious or embarrassed by your smile.

And one missing tooth can lead to more lost teeth.

Our dentists in Marietta, GA, want you to be able to eat whatever foods you like. We want you to feel confident about your smile. We certainly don’t want you to lose any teeth, or if you lost one, we don’t want you to lose anymore.

That’s also why dental crowns are such an important part of our restorative dentistry at Atlanta West Dentistry. If you aren’t sure a dental crown is right for you, schedule a consultation by contacting us online or by calling (770) 941-6979.

Below, you will find four examples when a dental crown could be just what you need to save your smile.

♦ 1. You have a broken tooth.

It only takes one moment for an accident to happen. You can fall. You can walk into something or someone. You can get hit in the mouth because you took your eye off the softball at just the wrong time or because you never saw it headed your way.

A broken tooth can be painful, but it could just be the start of your problems if you don’t repair it.

If you want to restore your tooth to its original shape and size, a dental crown is often your best option. Our dental crowns are made to look like natural teeth, and they provide the same function as well.

Unless someone was present when your accident occurred, he or she may never know that one of your teeth isn’t “real.”

♦ 2. You have a cracked tooth.

A cracked tooth can be just as bad as a broken one. A crack can occur when you bite down on something that’s just a little too hard, like the pit of an olive or an unpopped kernel of popcorn. Even ice and hard candy can cause teeth to crack.

This can make eating painful when you bite or chew with that tooth. The crack also can make your tooth more sensitive to hot or cold depending on how deep it goes. Plus, the crack can easily lead to a tooth infection if bacteria use the crack to get inside the tooth.

Again, a dental crown can solve those issues. By replacing your natural crown with a dental crown, you can seal your tooth, reduce your risk of a tooth infection, and eat and drink without pain once again.

♦ 3. You have a discolored tooth.

If all your teeth are stained, you may look into teeth whitening. But what about when just one tooth is a different color than the rest of your smile.

Individual teeth can become discolored for a variety of reasons. Maybe you received an injury in that part of your mouth. You may have had an illness, or you may have taken medication that had this as a side effect.

Whatever the reason, that single tooth sticks out like a sore thumb because it doesn’t match the rest of your smile.

A dental crown can fix that. Not only can the crown restore the shape and size of a tooth, but crowns can be shaded to match your existing smile.

♦ 4. You have lost a tooth.

Missing teeth happen more often than most people realize. They can be lost as a result of accidents, like the ones we mentioned earlier. They also can fall out as a result of oral health problems including gum disease and tooth decay.

The important thing is that we can replace your missing tooth.

One way to do this is with a dental crown and a dental implant. You already know that a dental crown replaces the natural crown of your tooth. A dental implant replaces the root of that missing tooth. Together, they form a complete tooth replacement.

Another alternative is to combine dental crowns together to form a dental bridge. This is made by bonding two crowns to adjacent teeth. This provides support for a third crown, which fills the gap in your smile.

We recommend filling in the empty space one way or another. Leaving it vacant can lead to teeth “drifting” and more lost teeth.

Are You Ready For Your Crown?

Dental crowns have an important function in restorative dental care. But as we have seen at our dentist office in Marietta, GA, they also affect patients psychologically. When you feel better about your smile and when you feel confident that you can eat without pain, it makes a difference in your mental state.

To learn if a dental crown is right for you, call (770) 941-6979 or contact Atlanta West Dentistry online to make an appointment.