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Ease Your Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry | Marietta, GA

Posted on October 12th, 2015

For millions of Americans, the thought of going to the dentist can bring thoughts of fear and anxiety. If you are one of them, you know that the dentist’s office can seem like a scary place.

For some, being afraid of the dentist actually prevents them from getting the proper care they should. It’s important to have regular exams and cleanings for the sake of your teeth and for your overall health.

At Atlanta West Dentistry, we want you to know that we are on your side. We have taken steps to ease your fears wherever we can. On a personal level, our staff will listen and work with you to understand your concerns. On a practical level, we offer sedation dentistry for our patients.

What is sedation dentistry?

If you are unfamiliar with sedation dentistry, here is a brief explanation.

Sedation is defined as “the calming of mental excitement or abatement of physiological function, especially by the administration of a drug”, according to In more general terms, sedation is a way to help you stay calm and relaxed.

For people who become anxious thinking about the dentist, sedation dentistry provides a way to receive necessary care for their mouths with a lot less stress.

That’s good for you as a patient, and it’s good for our team of dental professionals while they are caring for you.

Types of sedation dentistry

At Atlanta West Dentistry, different patients respond better to different types of sedation. That’s why we offer three types — nitrous oxide, oral conscious, and IV sedation.

Nitrous oxide sedation — Nitrous oxide is commonly known as “laughing gas”. This is considered the least invasive and also the least intense type of sedation dentistry that we provide.

Patients who undergo this type of sedation will inhale the gas before any procedure begins. The gas helps you relax before and during your treatment.

This is a good option for any patients, including kids, who are feeling anxiety.

Oral conscious sedation — For patients who need a slightly stronger form of sedation, we can offer you a pill. It’s important to note that if you choose this type of sedation, then you should arrange for a friend or family member to drive you to and from our office.

Patients who choose this option do not go to sleep completely. They are much more relaxed while receiving care from our team, however.

Oral conscious sedation is both safe and effective, and it will help you feel comfortable throughout your visit.

IV sedation — This is the highest level of sedation we provide. If you undergo IV sedation, it will be administered by a licensed professional. This ensures that the medicine is delivered safely and effectively.

Patients who receive IV sedation are asleep, and their treatment takes place when they are not awake. If you receive this type of sedation, you won’t remember the procedure, but you will receive the benefits of proper dental care.

To further ensure your comfort and safety, we created a special suite for patients receiving IV sedation. This is where you will be treated if you require a more complex or time-consuming procedure.

Caring for our patients

Sedation dentistry is about you, our patients. We want to make sure everyone who comes to our office can feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable.

Our practice in Cobb County was created entirely with our patients in mind. We aren’t going to rush you in and out just to get to the next patient.

We care about each of our patients. We want to know them. We take time to listen to them, and we take their concerns seriously.

We believe all of our patients, including you, deserve the VIP treatment. That means providing you with the most comfort that we can, whether you have a routine appointment or need a cosmetic or restorative procedure.

Sedation dentistry isn’t about us. It’s about helping you relax so that you and your teeth can receive proper care and attention.

If you have any questions about sedation dentistry, our practice, or any of the services we offer at Atlanta West Dentistry, please call us at (770) 941-6979 or come by our office at 1808 Powder Springs Road SW in Marietta.

When you receive dental care from people who love what they are doing, you will see and feel the difference.