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Create Comfortable Space With Dental Sedation

Posted on June 13th, 2016

You don’t remember the last time your spouse went to the dentist. He likes to pretend it’s for a different reason, but you know the truth.

He’s afraid of the dentist.

You can tell by the look in his eye whenever you bring it up. The problem now is that you have noticed a cavity developing on one of his teeth. He needs to have the tooth decay removed or the problem will get worse. And that could lead to a dental emergency.

After doing a little research, you find a dentist office nearby in Marietta, GA. Atlanta West Dentistry has three different kinds of dental sedation.

You are positive that one of them will work for your spouse.

He’s Not Alone

We treat people with dental anxiety and dental fear almost daily at Atlanta West Dentistry. In fact, we have patients who avoided coming to the dentist for years before a dental emergency forced them to face those fears head on. (A severe toothache will do that, we’ve learned.)

Well, we would prefer that it never gets to that point. We would prefer to see you and your husband a couple times each year for routine cleanings and examinations. Unfortunately, if your husband allows the cavity to continue growing, he may be in need of a root canal instead of just a filling.

No matter when or why your husband does decide to return, we have learned from years of experience that sedation dentistry can make the whole experience of going to the dentist less stressful for everyone involved.

One of our patients recorded a video to discuss how oral conscious sedation has helped him. In the video, he said he doesn’t really remember much about his treatments, and now, he has no worries about coming to our office.

We believe that we can do the same thing for your husband.

Comfort Should Be Part Of Dental Care

We’ve all been to dentist offices that feel cold and sterile. This can make the dentist office more intimidating for some patients.

In our practice, everyone wants our patients to feel comfortable and relaxed from the moment they walk in the door until you leave.

Some patients prefer to manage their dental anxiety without using any sedation. This is why we have televisions and headphones that you can use as a distraction during your treatment.

And please ask about our other comfort options when you call to make an appointment.

Sedation Dentistry

Now, back to your husband. Dental anxiety can arise for any number of reasons.

People who had a bad experience at a previous dentist office may worry that all dentists are the same. Someone who has a sensitive gag reflex may be hesitant to accept any kind of oral care.

We have patients who are afraid of needles, and we have patients who don’t want to feel any pain during their procedures.

The good news is that any of our dental sedation options will help with those concerns. When your husband is sedated, he will be able to forget about his worries. He won’t gag. He won’t need to concern himself about needles, and he won’t feel any pain when he is under the effects of dental sedation.

▶︎ IV Sedation — We will start with the most powerful sedation your husband can receive in our practice. It can only be administered by a licensed professional.

With this kind of sedation, he will able to respond to requests (such as “Please, turn your head.”) although he won’t remember the specifics of his procedure.

▶︎ Oral Conscious Sedation — This is sedation in pill form. He will take his medication before his treatment starts. We will wait for the medicine to take effect before we start his treatment.

Again, for all intents and purposes, he will not remember the details of what happened.

Because IV and oral conscious sedation are long-lasting, you should plan to come to the dentist office with your husband. He will not be able to drive himself home. When he does get there, we suggest letting him rest for a while.

▶︎ Nitrous Oxide Sedation — This is a quick, but effective sedation option. Your husband breathes in the gas, and within moments, he will feel its effects. At the end of the treatment, we can turn the gas off, and your husband will be as good as he was before … only with freshly cleaned teeth.

Could Dental Sedation Help Someone You Know?

To find out, contact our dentist office in Marietta, GA. You can reach Atlanta West Dentistry by calling (770) 941-6979 or by filling out our online form.