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Count The Ways Dental Implants Can Improve Your Smile

Posted on January 13th, 2017

If we could have one wish, it might be that none of our patients would lose any teeth in the coming year. The reality, unfortunately, is that many people already need teeth replacements and more will need them over the course of 2017.

If you should need restorative dentistry to replace any number of teeth, you should ask about getting dental implants. We recommend them to many patients with missing teeth at our dentist office in Marietta, GA.

Why? Dental implants replace the roots of your teeth. They are placed directly into your jawbone. This allows them to provide added security for your dental crown, dental bridge or dentures.

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Single Tooth Replacements

A dental crown and a dental implant are quite a pair. Together, they form a full tooth replacement.

Before dental implants, the best bet for replacing a single tooth was a dental bridge. To do this, the dentist would have to remove parts of two healthy teeth so they could support the bridge.

With a dental implant, you can leave your healthy teeth alone and fill in the gap between them.

Multiple Teeth Replacements

Speaking of dental bridges, they can be good options for patients who need to replace two or more teeth.

You could get a traditional bridge, like the one described above. For all intents and purposes, this involves grinding down two healthy teeth to replace the missing teeth in your mouth.

With an implant-supported bridge, once again you can leave the healthy teeth alone. One or more dental implants can secure your dental bridge in place. In the process, they can recreate your smile and restore your ability to eat the foods you like.

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Full Teeth Replacements

Believe it or not, around 35 million people in the United States are missing at least one row of teeth. A majority of that group are actually missing both rows of teeth.

Traditional dentures can give you the appearance of a complete set of teeth. However, anyone who has had traditional dentures can tell you they don’t always stay in place.

Traditional dentures can slip out while you are speaking. They can fall out while you are laughing, coughing, or sneezing. They can get pushed out of place while you are eating, too.

Or you could create a stable foundation for your dentures with a series of dental implants. This is the better option in most cases.

Implant-supported or implant-retained dentures are more comfortable. You will also feel more confident that your “teeth” will stay in place with dental implants from Atlanta West Dentistry.

Kinds Of Dental Implants

Not all dental implants are the same. We offer both full-sized and mini implants at our Marietta, GA, dentist office. The reason for this is your jawbone.

One of the benefits of dental implants is that they replace the roots of your teeth. Like your roots, they also help to maintain the health your jaw.

Your roots encourage new bone growth by pressing into your bone. This pressure occurs each time you bite or chew. If you don’t have roots, however, nothing presses into your jaw. Your jaw doesn’t create new bone tissue, and over time, your jaw can begin to shrink.

Dental implants can keep your jawbone healthy and strong, but your jaw has to be big enough to support the implants. This is where mini implants come into play.

Mini implants have a smaller diameter than full-size implants. This allows mini implants to fit in spaces that full-size implants can’t.

Mini implants can do all the things that full-size implants can do. A mini implant can support a dental crown. Mini implants also can secure a dental bridge or a set of dentures.

Getting mini implants won’t cause your jaw to replace what’s been lost. They can play a vital role in preventing addition bone loss.

What Will Dental Implants Do For You?

Hopefully, you will never need dental implants because you will keep all of your teeth. Then again, maybe you will have a tooth knocked out tomorrow.

Or maybe you or someone you know could use dental implants already. Whatever your situation, keep in mind that our team at Atlanta West Dentistry is here to support you.

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