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Clear The Way To Your New, Straight Smile

Posted on May 11th, 2019

You can’t help wondering … what would your smile look like if your teeth were straighter?

You know that you don’t want to wear braces. As an adult with a professional career, you worry that brackets and wires would be a distraction during meetings with clients, customers, and co-workers.

Fortunately, you have another option for orthodontic care. Invisalign clear aligners were created with adults in mind. You can find this treatment at Atlanta West Dentistry in Marietta, GA. In fact, we are a Preferred Provider for Invisalign. Our own Dr. Cameron Watson was even featured on NBC discussing this option.

To find out if this treatment could give you the straight smile of your dreams, call (770) 941-6979 to make an appointment with us.

Get A Sneak Peak At Your New Smile

If you are interested in Invisalign, you should know that you can see what your smile could look like before you begin. This is because of the Invisalign Outcome Simulator.

Using digital imaging technology, we can scan your teeth. Using computer software, we can show you how your smile could change by the end of your Invisalign treatment.

This can give you an idea of what you are working toward. Many patients have said this has helped them decide to move forward.

Computer-aided design also is used to create a series of custom aligners specifically for your teeth. Each aligner moves your teeth a little closer to their final position. You will wear an aligner for about two weeks before moving to the next one. With each change, you’ll know that you are a little closer to your new smile.

Make A Change For Yourself

Many adult patients are unwilling to wear braces. Some had braces when they were younger and don’t want to relive that experience. Some never received orthodontic care, yet they heard horror stories from friends that made them never want braces. And some just don’t feel comfortable wearing braces in work or personal situations.

Invisalign gives you a way to straighten your smile discreetly. Each of your aligners is made from a transparent plastic. When placed over your teeth, most people won’t realize you are wearing them.

This way, you can be discreet about your treatment, while still working toward your smile goals. You can wear your aligners in day-to-day situations without other people being distracted. This can help you feel more relaxed, whether you are talking to someone at work or meeting someone socially.

Invisalign aligners also can be removed for a few hours each day (which is something you can’t do with braces). This allows you to eat anything you would like throughout your treatment. It also means you can brush and floss your teeth just like you do today.

See The Difference For Yourself

You can have a straight smile. You can fix your crooked teeth, close gaps in your smile, and correct an overbite or underbite. To learn if Invisalign is right for you, set up a consultation soon at Atlanta West Dentistry in Marietta, GA.

Call (770) 941-6979 or fill out our online form today. It could be your first step toward your new smile.