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A Better Smile Could Boost Your Confidence

Posted on June 11th, 2018

How happy are you with your smile? Do you feel comfortable letting other people see your teeth?

Or do you try to hide your teeth as much as possible?

If you feel embarrassed, ashamed, or just uncomfortable about your smile, you can make a change. You can get a smile makeover at Atlanta West Dentistry. Our office is located in Marietta, GA. Call (770) 941-6979 to make an appointment with us.

Through one or more of our cosmetic and restorative services, we could completely transform your smile. If you want, you could have a smile to rival any Hollywood star.

One of our doctors can discuss your goals with you, examine your mouth, and work with you to make a plan to give you a smile you will want to share with the world.

Your Smile Makes a Difference

Multiple surveys and studies have shown that our smiles are one of our most memorable features — for good and bad.

Fair or not, people are making judgments about you based on your smile. In general, people with nice smiles are more likely to be described as confident, intelligent, friendly, and trustworthy.

But your smile doesn’t just affect how other people perceive you. It affects how you perceive yourself, too. We know this from our personal experiences helping thousands of patients improve their smiles over the years.

In fact, we’ve seen some dramatic transformations in people’s personalities after they made changes to their smile. We’ve cared for patients who tried to talk as little as possible and would use their hands to hide their mouths whenever they did speak.

After some cosmetic changes, those same patients are now regular visitors to our office. They speak freely. They don’t hide their mouths, and they seemed much more lively.

They feel comfortable being themselves, and that’s probably a bigger benefit than any of the specific changes we helped them make.

You can make those same changes, too.

Cosmetic Improvements

Our preference is to office conservative treatments when possible. For many people, this starts with cosmetic dentistry. This includes a variety of services that we offer.

Perhaps the simplest change is one that will benefit most people. As all of us get older, our teeth will naturally become darker and yellower. This is inevitable as long as you continue to eat and drink on a daily basis.

We’re pretty sure that you will since not eating daily can have much more serious effects than changing the color of your smile.

With our professional teeth whitening options, you can remove the deep stains that have developed after years or decades. We offer in-office treatments if you are looking for the fastest possible results. We also offer take-home whitening products so you can improve the color of your teeth at your own convenience.

For minor flaws, tooth bonding is another great options. Bonding is as simple as placing a composite resin on your teeth. This can be shaded, hardened, and polished so it looks like a natural part of your smile.

Bonding can be used to repair chipped or cracked teeth. It also can be used fill gaps between teeth.

For a longer lasting fix for those kinds of issues, we would recommend dental veneers. Veneers are small shells that are custom-made to fit on the front of your teeth. Veneers can conceal the kinds of flaws we mentioned above.

You can get a single veneer to change the appearance of a single tooth or a series of veneers if you want to change the look of your entire smile.

For people with crooked or crowded teeth or bite issues (such as overbites), you might want to ask about Invisalign® instead. This is a modern approach to orthodontic treatment. It uses discreet, clear aligners to gently push your teeth into new positions.

These changes don’t happen overnight, but when your treatment is complete, you’ll have straight teeth that you won’t want to hide.

We’re also an Invisalign Preferred Provider, which lets you know that we have a good track record with this service to improve smiles.

Of course, your teeth aren’t the only things that affect the appearance of your smile.

We offer gum reshaping for patients who are worried about having gummy smiles. If you are worried about wrinkles around your mouth, we also offer dermal fillers and Botox® at our practice.

Restorative Treatments

Sometimes the flaws in your smile go beyond just the appearance of your teeth.

A decayed tooth is not attractive, but it also doesn’t function the way that it should. The same can be said for teeth with deep breaks or cracks.

It’s obvious that missing teeth affect your smile, but they also affect how you speak and your ability to eat many foods.

By rebuilding or replacing your damaged teeth, you can create a new and better smile at the same time.

Dental fillings are the simplest restorative option. At our practice, you can get tooth-colored fillings so other people won’t know which of your teeth have had cavities.

Dental crowns are a great way to repair broken and cracked teeth, so they look and feel like natural, healthy teeth once again.

If you are missing teeth, we would recommend starting with a dental implant to replace the roots of your missing teeth. We use implants with our amazing TeethXpress® procedure, which allows you to replace a full set of lost teeth with implants and a denture in a single visit.

Implants also can support a dental bridge if you need to replace a few teeth, and a crown can be attached to an implant if you are missing one tooth.

Mix & Match to Remake Your Smile

Are you ready to take control of how your teeth look? Then you are ready to call (770) 941-6979 or contact us online to schedule your complimentary cosmetic consultation at Atlanta West Dentistry.

Any of the services mentioned above could give a boost to your smile and your self-confidence. For a truly transformative experience, you can combine one or more to create a perfect smile.