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3 Ways To Protect Your Family’s Smiles This Spring [BLOG]

Posted on March 6th, 2018

Managing your family’s busy schedule is hard enough on its own. With every turn of a season, keeping all the activities straight becomes even more challenging.

This is especially true during springtime. It’s when team sports take off and you begin to make plans for your family’s Spring Break.

Our team at Atlanta West Dentistry wants you to know how to keep your family’s smiles safe through it all!

Here are 3 ways to protect your family’s smiles this spring!

Protect Your Smile With Athletic Mouthguards

Even if you have athletes in the family who aren’t required to use mouthguards, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t wear one.

We offer custom-fitted athletic mouthguards that are comfortable and effective.

If you trust a store-bought athletic mouthguard, you’re doing very little to protect the athletes in your family.

This is because mass-produced mouthguards aren’t made to fit perfectly, which fails to provide adequate protection against blunt force injuries.

They also fail to give an athlete comfort, which will make them less likely to wear it or to breathe easily while playing.

In short, generic mouthguards don’t fit well or fully protect teeth and gums.

Only a dentist can give you a customized athletic mouthguard that will keep your mouth safe from harm and will help your athlete focus on the game.

Protect Your Teeth With Fluoride Treatments

Despite all the myths about fluoride treatments, they’re actually good for your teeth.

Our dentists use them all the time to prevent decay and cavities for patients of all ages.

Fluoride benefits your teeth by:

-Making them stronger

-Creating resistance against enamel erosion and decay

-Optimizing chances for healthy adult teeth yet to erupt

-Repair microscopic damage to your enamel

This simple treatment is available in our Marietta, GA dental office and can easily be administered during a cleaning and exam.

Prepare For Potential Dental Emergencies

It’s always smart to plan ahead for dental emergencies.

Keeping an emergency kit specifically for oral injuries is a start!

You should also save our number in your phone’s contact list so you don’t ever have to waste a moment searching for nearby emergency dental care.

Spring is one of those unique seasons that require a bit more planning to prevent panic in a dental emergency.

That’s because it’s a popular time for travel.

If you’re planning a Spring Break trip for your family, take a few minutes to explore your family’s destination online. Look for a few emergency dental care options in the surrounding area and keep them as you travel. Should you be faced with a dental emergency, you’ll know exactly who to contact and where to go for help!

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Managing a household is difficult enough. You shouldn’t have the added stress of keeping your family’s teeth and gums safe from harm despite the constant threats that this active season can pose.

We’re always on your side at Atlanta West Dentistry. We provide customized athletic mouthguards, fluoride treatments, and even emergency dental care for your family.

Visit us to learn more about our wide-ranging dental services in Marietta, GA that will keep all your loved ones smiling!

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